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  • QSTECH NPP LED Display Serve a Chain Supermarket in Madrid, Spain
  • 21-12-2016

NPP LED displays are enjoying the focus of attention these days. Lately, one narrow pixel pitch LED displays supplied by QSTECH has been installed in Market in Madrid, Spain.

As the capital city of Spain, Madrid is the largest economic center of the country, also known as one of the most famous historic cities in Europe. The display supplies by QSTECH is installed in one supermarket. Broad viewing angle and high resolution of the display has drawn much attention and traffic since the installation.

Market is a local midium-size supermarket, and opened 112 chain markets in Spain. Along with people’s ever changing consuming habit, Market offers 24 Hours service and the service mode has won much popularity. In the meanwhile, this 24 Hour service mode requires stable performance, long life span, high power efficiency and easy maintenance. Hera-M NPP LED display have fulfilled the requirement with uneven reliability.

The internet and E-shopping has changed consuming habit greatly, as a result, information exchanges unbelievably fast. With this LED display, QSTECH has offered the Market a whole set solution for information release and to promote sales.

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