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  • QSTECH’s lndoor LED Displays Installed in BIAD in Beijing
  • 21-12-2016

Beijing Institute of Architectural Design ( also known as BIAD) is a large-scale civil construction design agency established in the same year when the People’s Republic of China was founded. Along with the construction and development of new China, the Beijing Institute of Architectural Design has undertaken and completed many important design projects in Beijing and all over the country. Since the establishment, BIAD has been working on high profile design projects and accomplished countless legendary design classics. QSTECH designed and installed one HD LED display for BIAD, and this cooperation between QSTECH and BIAD demonstrates shared wish to strive for the better service to each industry of both parties.

The LED display installed in the lobby of the first floor of Beijing Institute of Architectural Design, with a pixel pitch of 2.5mm, came from Hera-M series of QSTECH. The display allows front maintenance and the display coverage is 13 sq.m., fully satisfying information and news release requirement. This project makes another classic application of QSTECH’s narrow pixel pitch (NPP) LED displays.

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