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  • Retail media industry preferred—Multifunctional LED Poster of QSTECH
  • 30-11-2016

With the rapid advancement of social informatization, digitalization of public information has become an irreversible trend, it is also based on this, as the representative of digital tools advertising machine ushered in the application of the outbreak, especially in the retail media segment market. Whether in the crowded shopping malls, hospitals, building elevator and other public places, or in an orderly government organs, enterprises and institutions, poster has become a sign that can not be ignored.


Advertising market mainly to LCD display, in recent years, with the LED display technology development and cost reduction, LED poster is quickly enter the market and replace the LCD poster. While the traditional LED poster through a few years of development, due to the maturity of the technology as well as the improvement of the industry chain, homogenization of the phenomenon make the entire industry into a bottleneck period.


Both from the product design and application of the form, traditional LED poster can not meet the needs of customers. Seize retail media advertising market, LED manufacturers are facing the challenge of seeking innovative poster closer to customers practical demand, in this competition, after half a year of market research and technology exploration, QSTECH creates an innovative LED poster—CRIUS, in the new light weight, only one person can move, WIFI connection, multi screen splicing creative, plug and play, realizing the customer demands of  lightweight o form, the intelligent of application.


QSTECH will continue to build CRIUS, joining design of more humane and intelligent in the future, to meet the growing demand for retail media.

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