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  • QSTECH’s Revolving LED Displays Cheer For the Opening of Zhongda International Shopping Mall in Xi’an
  • 22-11-2016

“The City” of Zhongda International Shopping Mall, which is shaped to be the top shopping center in Northwest of China, is to celebrate its grand opening on Nov. 23th, 2016. “The City” of Zhongda International has been recognized as the the symbol of future lifestyle and fashion.

QSTECH, a well-known supplier for quality LED displays and professional display solutions, has been devoted to the design and manufacture of this revolving LED display solution. The projects involves 9 tailored LED modules specifically designed for “The City”. The solution combines quality display and uptrending lifestyle together to present the concept of ideal neighborhood and commercial district. Today, with the first snow in this year, Xi’an is full of joy. At this moment, QSTECH wishes to share this beautiful snowy scene where snowflakes are dancing and whirling around QSTECH’s elegant LED displays.


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