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  • QSTECH Released New Range of Outdoor Permanent Installation LED Display---Artemis
  • 02-09-2016

QSTECH announced the launch of a new product range aiming at outdoor permanent installation in this September, and the newly released range was named Artemis. This Artemis range are available in three pixel pitch options: 6mm/10mm/16mm. This Artemis range is designed to explore a larger and wider application of outdoor LED displays with high performance cost ratio. Please contact for more information about the product and solution.

Artemis series: an intelligent, stable and environmental friendly product for outdoor advertising application.


Artemis created a new era of the enclosed module. As one of QSTECH’s hit products, the Artemis series has evolved through 4th generation, and been installed tens of thousands of outdoor advertising applications around the world. With enclosed-module design, light-weight panel, double-sided service and customized sub-frame for standard billboard, the standard Artemis product can make outdoor installation both easy and fast. Moreover, QSTECH scientific-level calibration system guarantees color and brightness consistency of the screen.

The high-end Artemis series product, which is named Artemis XT, equips with enclosed die-casted aluminum modules. It is air-conditioner-free available and ensures the screen an outstanding flatness after years of using. It also supports the QSTECH NOC diagnostic system and 10-year brightness warranty. Artemis XT can be the best choice for outdoor adverting application.


1. Enclosed modules and simple chassis instead of traditional cabinet get less faulty rate and panel weight.

2. Scientific research level calibration system guarantees the precise and uniform color performance. Less than 0.03nit color difference between 2 LEDs.

3. Front and rear service available, customized sub-frame ensures fast service and installation.

4. Lower power consumption: 100w/m2 average power consumption by selected LED.

5. Artemis XT die-casted aluminum back cover: no cooling system needed, a simpler structure, less total cost, wider adaptability and more environmental friendly.

6. NOC diagnostic system for Artemis XT, all the status of the displays in control.

7. Hidden cable design: All cables are hidden in the panels; the display gets clean and beautiful.

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