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  • Artemis Indoor—The pioneer in industry, makes ideal choice for indoor classic application
  • 31-08-2016

Artemis Indoor is the most market influence indoor product for QSTECH. Since produced in 2015, it is favored and praised by domestic and foreign customers. The product homogeneity environment of LED display industry is more and more serious , QSTECH uphold the concept, which is provide high quality and optimum experience for customers, creating the leader product in industry—Artemis Indoor. So far, it provides different solutions for all kinds of application scenarios. For example, in monitoring security center, airport, train station, shopping center, conference center, large supermarket, enterprises and institutions, television stations, banks and so on, giving customers whose from different countries a proprietary and excellent experience.

As a classic product for QSTECH, with ultra-thin65mmand ultra-light24Kg/m2 structure design, Artemis Indoor reduces the installation and transportation cost for customers. The flexible size module can be spliced seamlessly and arbitrarily in different environment. The latest tool design of front access, makes the maintenance more convenient and quick. It will bring customers the best application in more fields in the future.

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