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  • QSTECH full color LED display installed in ZhongDa International Plaza in Xi’an, China
  • 18-03-2015

QSTECH installed successfully an advertising full color LED display in Xi’an ZhongDa International Plaza, which is the 8th LED display provided by QSTECH in Zhonglou business zone. This big full color LED display is outdoor Artemis XT serial product of 8mm and the display area is 42sqm.


ZhongDa International established in 1998 is famous for the world’s top brands business; it’s located in the most prosperous business zone - South Avenue in Xi’an. QSTECH LED display is installed on the middle of the top of the plaza gate, the pure black gate matches with the full color LED display that provides people an amazing modern style, which makes the building look very fancy and gives people an enjoyable shopping experience.
QSTECH would keep moving and providing more high-quality LED displays to the city!

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