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  • 30-01-2015

1000m2 P16 Artemis XT Outdoor Advertising LED Display

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Why Artemis XT Aluminum Die-casting product is strongly recommended?

This is the QSTECH classic product has been sold for almost 20 years and delivered to dozens of countries in the middling and high level market, Artemis XT is the 4th generation of the product series, the heat dissipation, maintenance, flatness, signal, power communication and etc. get improved greatly with good reliability.


Now we provide the P16 display with panel size 1280x960, totally 1000m2, it supports freely joint and multiple installation methods like build-in, wall-mounted, handing and etc. The display has CE, ETL, FCC and UL certifications and can be applied in commercial plaza, shopping mall, scenic spots, convention center, sports venue, theatre, airport, train station and other outdoors for advertising broadcasting application.


The promotion is starting from Jan 30th, 2015; 1000m2 with 15%off. First-come-first-served. 0 down payment and 7 days delivery!


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