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QSTECH’s LED Display Athena Mesh Glows in New York

  • Location:  
  • New York, USA
  • Application:  
  • Creative
  • Pitch:  
  • 50mm
  •       Quantity:  
  • 1Piece
  • Tags:  
  • Manhattan led display|outdoor led display|Athena mesh led display
This LED display,with the pixel pitch of 50mm, is one of Athena Mesh series designed and produced by QSTECH. This QSTECH LED mesh display covers a area of 680 square meters. Athena mesh series owns multiple advantages which makes the series the ideal choice for corporation signage, building decoration and stage background and other creative display purposes.
The first must-have advantage is the creative and flexible modules. The modules are formed with LED bars which allows light to go through ,so the light transparency rate can be as high as 67%. Seen through the mesh display, landmark of New York city---the Empire State Building stands in solitary splendor. Empire State Building, the landmark of New York City, can be seen clearly through the mesh LED display. Athena mesh functions well even under extreme weather condition and temperatures from -30℃ to 50℃. Thanks to its free form design of LED bars, Athena Mesh has broader viewing angle compared with its counterparts in the markets. The horizontal viewing angle can reach 170°and the vertical viewing angle is 65°, with a viewing distance of 750 meters. The images projected on the display can be seen clearly, either seen from the buildings around or looked up from the streets.
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